Halloween 2018

Extra-long Halloween episode.  A club for people who tell ghost stories, Jesse James and the headless horseman, a faked poltergeist, a cursed saw-mill, a plague of heart attacks, and New Orleans voodoo by way of a beef tongue.

“A hoodoo saw-mill in Brown County,” Indianapolis News, August 13, 1902.

“Followed by a ghost,” Wood County (WI) Reporter, October 11, 1888.

“Remarkable imposture,” New York Times, February 28, 1874.

Strange sickness,” Sacramento Record-Union, August 1, 1894.

“The ghost club,” Sacramento Record-Union, October 31, 1891.

Tombs' hoodoos,” Topeka Daily Herald, August 12, 1905.

Opening music by Kevin MacLeod.

Ending music by Soma.

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