42 - First Anniversary Anthology

An anthology of some smaller stories. An attempted resurrection; a case of either auto-hypnosis or insanity, no one is sure which; a ghost in Newark, NJ; the Knickerbocker Ghost of Brooklyn; a headless flying man; a wild woman; and the Witch Rock of Hopkins Hill, RI.

Part of the Straight Up Strange Network: https://www.straightupstrange.com/

Opening music by Kevin MacLeod.

Closing music by Soma.


“A witch's rock,” Winfield (KS) Daily Courier, September 3, 1885.
“Brooklyn ghost: pshaw!” New York Times, November 23, 1894.
"Bury son to restore life,” Los Angeles Times, November 3, 1924.
“Crowds watch for a ghost,” New York Evening World, May 18, 1894.
“Ghost with a bass voice,” New York Evening World, May 17, 1894.
“Headless man,” Hartford (KY) Republican, May 6, 1904.
“Scared by a wild creature,” New York Times, October 20, 1882.
“Who can release this mental prisoner?” St. Louis (MO) Republic, May 25, 1902.

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