13 - The Washroom Murder

1932, Lansdale, Pennsylvania.  An Italian night watchman at an iron foundry is found, beaten and his body hung in a locker room.  Soon, an implication of cult vengeance soon gives way to a murder with a more commonplace motivation.

“Believe woman may be implicated in mystery death,” Harrisburg Sunday Courier, February 21, 1932.

“Cult murder now blamed on jealousy,” Wilkes-Barre Evening News, February 24, 1932.

“Father of 10 kiddies hanged by unknown men,” Gettysburg Times, February 19, 1932.

“Fears slaying by cult,” Bristol Daily Courier, February 25, 1932.

“Forti slain to save his soul, police think,” Wilkes-Barre Evening News, February 20, 1932.

“Hang body in locker of foundry,” Wilkes-Barre Evening News, February 18, 1932.

“Man is slain while kneeling at his prayers,” Shamokin Daily News, February 22, 1932.

“Member of religious cult found murdered,” Canandaigua (NY) Daily Messenger, February 19, 1932.

“Mysteries of cult entered investigation,” Shamokin Daily News, February 19, 1932.

“Noose death stumps coroner,” Reading Times, February 26, 1932.

“Police report two motives in Forte slaying,” Shamokin Daily News, February 23, 1932.

“Secret religious cult blamed for watchman's murder,” Kane Republican, February 19, 1932.

“See cult slaying in hanging murder,” Reading Times, February 20, 1932.

“Seek motive in slaying of watchman,” Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader, February 18, 1932.

“Suspect murder in Pennsylvania suicide case,” Bradford Evening Star and Daily Record, August 29, 1932.

“Watchman brutally killed in foundry,” Tyrone Daily Herald, February 18, 1932.

Who Hanged the Night Watchman? http://paoddities.blogspot.com/2018/08/who-hanged-night-watchman.html

“Wife bares love plot in slaying,” Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader, February 23, 1932.

“Widow sees hex in noose murder,” Reading Times, February 23, 1932.

“Worker's hanging puzzle to board,” Scranton Republican, June 16, 1932.

Opening music by Kevin MacLeod.

Closing music by Soma.


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