11 - Nellie the Lion

The 1917 flap of lioness sightings around Monticello and Decatur, Illinois is examined.  Also a brief rundown of other area mystery cats.

“Allerton's lion and dog fight until both die,” Chicago Tribune, July 21, 1917.

“Big tracks are found,” Decatur Herald, July 18, 1917.

“Camargo lion hunting proves popular job,” Mattoon Journal Gazette, June 25, 1917.

Coleman, Loren. Mysterious America, the Revised Edition. New York: Paraview Press, 2001.

“Cordon draws closer about lone lioness,” Lima (OH) Daily News, July 19, 1917.

“Couldn't locate famous lioness,” Decatur Daily Review, July 30, 1917.

“Decatur hounds at Monticello,” Decatur Daily Review, July 16, 1917.

“Decatur's lion mystery solved,” Decatur Daily Review, July 31, 1917.

“Hunters fail to capture lioness,” Marion (OH) Star, July 16, 1917.

“Lion at large near Ravinia scares autoists,” Chicago Tribune, July 15, 1917.

“Lion's trail network over central section,” Decatur Herald, July 19, 1917.

“Lion dodges 300 armed men,” Decatur Daily Review, July 16, 1917.

“Lion hunt in Champaign county,” Decatur Daily Review, June 6, 1917.

“Lion hunt planned for today on Allerton farm, Monticello,” Decatur Herald, July 15, 1917.

“Lion is still at large,” Bloomington Pantagraph, June 8, 1917.

“Lion stories dull stuff for reporter,” Decatur Herald, July 23, 1917.

“Lioness still safe in Piatt jungles,” Decatur Herald, July 17, 1917.

“Man attacked by lion at Decatur,” Rock Island Argus, July 14, 1917.

“Men search for lioness,” San Bernardino (CA) News, August 8, 1917.

“Monticello lion hunters have a fruitless search,” Mattoon Journal Gazette, july 16, 1917.

“More reports about the lion,” Decatur Daily Review, August 1, 1917.

“Nellie wanders from Decatur to Long Creek,” Decatur Herald, July 20, 1917.

“Posse goes after lion,” Mattoon Journal Gazette, August 1, 1917.

“Roosevelt asked to hunt lion,” Decatur Daily Review, July 17, 1917.

“Rumor lion is shot proves unfounded,” Decatur Herald, August 2, 1917.

“Says Allerton is regular fellow,” Decatur Daily Review, July 19, 1917.

“Section men see a lion,” Bloomington Pantagraph, July 20, 1917.

“Tuscola men fail to kill that lion,” Decatur Daily Review, June 20, 1917.

“Two automobile loads of men drove from Tuscola heavily armed,” Ford County Press, June 29, 1917.

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