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Strange things are lost and forgotten in obscure corners of the newspaper.

October 30th, 2021    

93 -Death Most Mysterious, Part Two

Several mysterious deaths are described here – two with hints of conspiracy and cover-up, those of Allyn King Foster and Rudolph Bogovich, and another case of apparently not-so-spontaneous combustion.



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Opening music from "Dark Child" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

Closing music by Soma.



Allyn King Foster – January 17, 1942

Authorities Probe Doctor's Death at Bellevue Hospital.” Hartford Courant, January 20, 1942.

Autopsy Clears Bellevue in Death.” New York Daily News, May 12, 1938.

Doctor's Death Being Probed.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 19, 1942.

Experiments With Death Ray Seen Clue to Doctor's Insanity and Death.” Camden Morning Post, February 3, 1942.

Fears Death Ray Work Drove Surgeon Insane.” Brooklyn Eagle, February 2, 1942.

Probe Demanded in Bellevue Death.” New York Daily News, May 5, 1938.

Mystery Veils Violent End of Death Ray Inventor.” Philadelphia Inquirer, March 8, 1942

Refugee Inventor of 'Death Ray' Dies.” St. Louis Star and Times, September 1, 1942.


Rudolph Bogovich – January 6, 1945

Eerie Red Death Plot Here Alleged.” Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, March 4, 1954.

F.B.I. Probes War Worker's Bomb Death.” Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal, January 7, 1945.

Human Bomb Death Unsolved.” Pittsburgh Press, January 14, 1945.

Probe Human Bomb Death of Westinghouse Worker.” Sunbury Daily Item, January 9, 1945.

Queer War Plant Death Stumps FBI.” Unionville (MI) Crescent, January 13, 1945.

Westinghouse Fires Five Accused Reds.” Pittsburgh Press, January 4, 1955. World War II the Westinghouse Electric and,in plastics%2C radar%2C x-rays%2C bombsights%2C and atomic energy.


Harold Hall – April 28, 1956

Benicia Death Laid to Cleaning Fluid.” Contra Costa Gazette, May 2, 1956.

Harold Hall of Benicia Fire Victim.” Contra Costa Gazette, April 30, 1956.

Mystery Burns Fatal to Benicia Man in Apartment.” Oakland Tribune, April 30, 1956.

1956, April 28: Harold Hall’s Fiery Death | Anomalies: the Strange & Unexplained (

October 4th, 2021    

92 - Death Most Mysterious, Part One

Several mysterious deaths are described here – a quartet of cases described by Charles Fort, those of Captain George M. Colvocoresses, the English case of Lavinia Farrar, Lillian Green and her death at the Lake Denmark Hotel in New Jersey, and the “locked door” death of New York launderer Isidore Fink.



Part of the Straight Up Strange Network:

Opening music from "Dark Child" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

Closing music by Soma.



Captain George M. Colvocoresses

A Tragical Enigma.” New York Times, July 1, 1872.

Colvocoresses – Murder or Suicide?” Hartford Courant, August 5, 1872.

Lavinia Farrar

Inquest.” The Times, March 16, 1901.

Lillian Green

Erskine Hotel Burned.” Passaic Daily News, December 26, 1916.

Miss Green Died Accidental Death.” Paterson Morning Call, December 28, 1916.

Mystery in the Death of Dover Woman.” Paterson News, December 27, 1916.

Mystery Shrouds Burned Woman.” Paterson Morning Call, December 27, 1916.

Isidore Fink

Laundryman Killer Flees Locked Room.” Brooklyn Times-Union, March 11, 1929.

Man Killed; All Openings Locked; Police Baffled.” Arizona Republic, March 12, 1929.


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